Sheet Metal Processing High Reflection Metallic Material

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Sheet Metal Processing High Reflection Metallic Material

Company profile

"Fab Tech" = Fabrication = Manufacturing

We produce and supply elevators and elevator parts for Hitachi,Ltd. and frame parts; Sheet metal, Canning, Press and Mechanical processing for Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.

Address: 1-72 Yatsucho, Mito-shi, Ibaraki-ken 311-4164 Japan (100km from Tokyo)

Phone: +81-29-303-7878

Fax: +81-29-303-7811

Employee: 25

Application field

Copperware F Electrical field, Refrigeration field and Antibacterial field

We can add precise sheet processing to the copper that has high electric conductivity, the thermal conductivities and antibacterial action. Pure aluminumF Electrical field, Refrigeration field and squeezing field

The A5052 aluminum was often used by Laser processing, but the A1050 and A1100 pure aluminum has extendibility, endurance for bend, higher electric conductivity and heat conductivity.

Brassware F Electric field, Sliding field and decoration field.

The plate which we used to be punched by brass or wire-cut, now we are able to produce with laser much faster and cheaper even one peace of parts. Simultaneous process Burring and Tap too.

Our high reflection metallic material sheet processing with free designing and many possibilities will surely make a benefit for your product.

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